Event Questions

How much does a machine rental cost?

It can vary slightly based on your location, but right around $185. And that’s for the day! Includes 1 container of mix (generates 5 gallons of alcoholic drinks).

What does setup look like?

We will communicate with you on timeline, but we will generally need to arrive about 1 hour prior to your planned serving time. We will need electrical access.

Do I need to provide alcohol?

Yes – if you have chosen an alcoholic drink, then you must provide the alcohol. Margaritas On Tap DOES NOT provide alcohol.

Bar/Restaurant Questions

Do I pay for the machine?

You do not! We’ll provide the machine and supplies to you at no cost, you just purchase our mix.

Do I keep 100% of profits from the drinks we sell?

Yes! We do not take any percentage of sales, it’s all you, baby.

Can I change flavors?

You bet! If you’re not happy with sales on a particular flavor, you can try out another option. Just reach out to your rep, we’ll help you determine the best drink for your environment.